• Proposed Agenda

    Date: May 4, 2016

    Time:  10:00 – 3:00 (ct)

    Location:  Murfreesboro Corps


    10:00 – 10:15      Divisional Commander Welcome

    Schedule Overview, Divisional Development Director

    10:20 – 11:20      Breakout #1

    11:25 – 12:25        Breakout #2

    12:25 – 1:30          Lunch – Leadership Development Roundtables

    1:35 – 2:35            Breakout #3

    2:40 – 3:00          Goals & Next Steps

    Parting Thoughts from our Divisional Commander


    Breakout #1 Options

    Planned Giving

    Resource Development


    Direct Mail


    Breakout #2 Options

    Planned Giving†


    Grants Overview

    Ministry Profiles


    Breakout #3 Options

    Leadership Intro



    Grants Overview†

    Resource Development†


    †  Indicates the second time the session is being presented, ie repeated.


    Planned Giving – How do you identify a planned giving prospect?  And once you do, what do you do?   Territorial Planned Giving Director, Peter Witherall will join the division’s Planned Giving staff to explore how you might be able to identify potential donors in your everyday work.   Then, they will walk through what to do next, and just as importantly, what you can except to happen after you reach out.   This session is repeated.


    Resource Development – What is it you do anyway?   Aren’t you just another form of mail appeal?  Territorial Resource Development Director, Paul Curnow, will join KT’s Resource Development team to look at major giving work in the division and on your command’s behalf.   Exploring a “day in the life” as well as what can be done on the local level to really capitalize upon the program.  This session is repeated.


    Communications – “Doing The Most Good”  Says who?!?  What’s in a brand and how do we internalize the message and challenge this promise presents to us as representatives of “America’s Favorite Charity.”  Territorial Director Of Communications , Chris Priest shares the meaning, value, import, and challenge of The Salvation Army’s national branding promise.  This session is repeated.


    Direct Mail – Mail, Money, and Ministry.   For most corps, direct mail is something on the back burner, and for which we are thankful that it happens regardless of our actions.  However, even a small amount of deliberate and focused effort can have a HUGE impact on the bottom line results of this important fundraising effort.  Divisional Development Director, Chris McGown, will look at how to leverage just 15 minutes a day raise more money and have happier donors.


    Grants – This 101 overview will cover The Salvation Army policies and procedures for grantmanship.    In essence, the Who, What, When, and Where of capitalizing upon this important fundraising opportunity.   Lead by Tim Marcum, Divisional Social Services Director; the session will help get you get started on the right footing.  This session is repeated.


    EDS – Emergency Disaster Services is a highly visible aspect of our ministry, but what goes unseen is the work, effort, and planning it takes to allow us to respond quickly in times of disaster.   Bo Sells, Divisional Emergency Disaster Services Director, will talk about the overall program, how CRD often fits into this ministry, and training.  This session is repeated.


    Ministry Profiles provide a quick look at what you are doing to meet human need in your community.   Assistant Territorial Community Relations and Development Secretary, Paul Curnow, will be joined by KT’s Resource Development team to explore how this Biblical view of case statements can aid in finding and soliciting new donors, while encouraging existing donors as well.


    Leadership Intro – A representative from the Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development will be on site to provide an overview of the services they offer to help educate, develop, and motivate Salvation Army employees and officers.


    A working Lunch:  Not wanting to lose any moment in the tight schedule, we elected for a working lunch.   The Leadership Development staff will facilitate roundtable conversations around different aspects of leadership in the appointments.   Fun and informative, this will provide a different perspective of leadership and its value to every role in the organization.